Wednesday, January 9, 2013
New Challenge @ 7:49 PM

Ugh. I have sick for the past few days. I missed two mileaday challenges because I don't think going to a gym is a good idea right now. I'd like to think I am going to make it up.

I've also given myself another challenge and that is to create one project a day. Whether it be my own or something I made whilst following a tutorial. I made a tumblr and posted my recent work.


Be warned some of this is awful, but I am learning.

A note on the picture: Sarah, from arrow & apples, had a tutorial listed on abeautifulmess about free-lensing so I have been attempting and I got to say I really love this technique.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013
Salmon & Drawings @ 8:54 PM

Hope everyone had a great New Years. I am looking forward to 2013 and achieving the goals I've set. I actually got up at 6 am for the mileaday challenge!

Carissa (polishmyheart) came over today. She's never had salmon. So, I made this simple salmon recipe. It really is easy but in my opinion, a tad bit bland. I prefer the honey mustard and breadcrumb salmon.

We also watched an episode of Girls & drew a few pictures.

Elsie at abeautifulmess posted this simple and creative idea. I love how easy and personal this is. We spent sometime drawing random doodles. I am going to photocopy them and send the copies to Carissa.

Happy Wednesday!

Oh, and in case you're wondering Carissa enjoyed the salmon.

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Monday, December 31, 2012
4 Simple Goals @ 4:23 PM

I've been lacking on this blog, but tomorrow is a new year. I am looking forward to a fresh start and setting goals.

I am participating in the 4 simple goals challenge from abeautifulmess.

1) Update my demo reel. I've been very unhappy with my job (since day one), and updating my reel is the best way to improve my hire-ability. I plan on creating at least 2 motion graphics a month, 1 3D project a month, working on a scripts & hopefully shoot 2 shorts by the end of the year, and create 2 print posters a month. Quin bought me a tablet that I'm excited to start using.

2) Work-out more. I enjoy working out but find after work I just want to relax. So, I'd like to start getting up at 6 and working out. I prefer morning work-outs. My mind feels so much clear after one. I am also going to participate in a mileaday challenge.

3) Take more photos. Back in college, I use to take my camera wherever I went. It drove my family & friends nuts when I kept taking candid photos of them. I'd like to get back into that. I am going to join the 365 photo a day challenge (wow, 2013 will be full of challenges). I am also going to post more on here.

4) Travel more. Quin & I are planning a trip to Minnesota in March and if we are lucky, a trip to Punta Cuna in August. I love seeing the world and exploring new cities. I've never been to Europe and though I don't think it'll happen this year, I do feel I am closer.

Happy (almost) New Year!

Friday, October 26, 2012
Update @ 4:41 PM

I haven't been very good at keeping up to date on my blog. Life has been happening, but I need to keep this blog up to date. I am also in need of a camera charger for my point and shoot.

I'll back with more.

xo sam

Monday, October 1, 2012
future recipes @ 10:32 PM

Rather then attempting three craft projects for October, I am going to try three new recipes. The top two will be a challenge as I am not very good at baking.

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Instagram Coasters @ 10:13 PM

My work recently got brand new tables for our office. They're really nice, so we were worried about where to place our drinks. I had been dying to try this DIY for awhile and now seemed like the perfect time.

Materials needed:
Mod podge
Gorilla glue
Felt or foam
Instagram photos
4 1/2 x 4 1/2 tiles
Acrylic coating tree house *

Steps: select or take photos. I am horrible at cutting, so I choose to put them through instagram to get a perfect square.  We took our photos in the green screen room at work.

I used the app postalpix to print & order the photos. You are able to select the size of the photos, and seeing as the tiles are 4 1/2 x 4 1/2, I choose the 4x4 photos.

Apply mod podge to the tiles and place the photos on top. Apply mod podge to the top of the photo. Allow it to dry between an hour & two. Apply second coat & dry for a day. Add another coat if you feel it is needed. Once the mod podge has dried, apply a coat of the acrylic coating.

I allowed the tiles to dry for 3 days before moving on to the next step. Apply gorilla glue to foam and place foam at the bottom of the tile. Use a book or something hard to keep the foam pressed against the tiles. Dry for day.

All done.

I brought them to work and found even after drying for a week, cups still stuck to them, especially hot drinks. After, a month the stickiness went away. I heard rubbing salt on the coasters also helps.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012
DIY Nail Polish @ 8:25 PM

Here is a very simple DIY for making your own nail polish!

Materials needed: Clear nail polish & eye-shadow. I purchased Sally Girl nail polish & eye shadow for just $4.

Chop up the eye-shadow into a fine powder.

Using a funnel or spoon, pour the powder into the clear polish. At first, it will look like the powder and polish will not mix. It will! Just keep shaking it.

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