Monday, December 31, 2012
4 Simple Goals @ 4:23 PM

I've been lacking on this blog, but tomorrow is a new year. I am looking forward to a fresh start and setting goals.

I am participating in the 4 simple goals challenge from abeautifulmess.

1) Update my demo reel. I've been very unhappy with my job (since day one), and updating my reel is the best way to improve my hire-ability. I plan on creating at least 2 motion graphics a month, 1 3D project a month, working on a scripts & hopefully shoot 2 shorts by the end of the year, and create 2 print posters a month. Quin bought me a tablet that I'm excited to start using.

2) Work-out more. I enjoy working out but find after work I just want to relax. So, I'd like to start getting up at 6 and working out. I prefer morning work-outs. My mind feels so much clear after one. I am also going to participate in a mileaday challenge.

3) Take more photos. Back in college, I use to take my camera wherever I went. It drove my family & friends nuts when I kept taking candid photos of them. I'd like to get back into that. I am going to join the 365 photo a day challenge (wow, 2013 will be full of challenges). I am also going to post more on here.

4) Travel more. Quin & I are planning a trip to Minnesota in March and if we are lucky, a trip to Punta Cuna in August. I love seeing the world and exploring new cities. I've never been to Europe and though I don't think it'll happen this year, I do feel I am closer.

Happy (almost) New Year!