Monday, August 20, 2012
taking a leap @ 8:46 PM

Sunday Quin, Carissa, & I went skydiving. This was Carissa's second time but Quin & I's first.
We arrived in Beloit, WI around noon. Our check-in time was at one, but we had to sign a few waiver forms & watch a video. It's weird signing something that has YOU MAY BE KILLED on it.

I was fairly nervous all day, but it didn't really hit me until our name was called at four. Once, I got the harness on, I started to panic.

However, when I got into the plane, I suddenly felt calm. The only scary part going up was the door being open and none of us strapped in!

I was second to go. I thought I would have a moment to watch the first guy go, and contemplate what was about to take place. But next thing I know, all I can see is white. I couldn't tell if I was upside down or right side up. You don't notice you're falling right away at least for me.

The free fall was over a minute. It does sort of hurt and it's freezing! I was relieved when I felt the tug of the parachute. Sadly, my eardrum ruptured. Oh well, my fault.

The experience was incredible. And I guess, you get a discount for being a second jumper if you put down $25 that day. My brother turns eighteen next month and has been wanting to do this. So, my mom and I are going half-way. Me and him will jump together.

Glad to be safe on the ground!

love, sam!

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