Wednesday, July 25, 2012
painting @ 9:52 PM

i just wanted to share a few of my paintings. i love painting, especially oil. i accidentally took a class in high-school & fell in love. also, i am very fortunate. my parents purchased me an easel & quin bought all my art supplies. 

i've been searching for ways to spice up my apartment. i moved to chicago from the burbs in april, but we (my roommate & i) haven't had time to develop any ideas. hopefully a few of these will add life. 

1) my first painting from my high-school class. honestly, i am not very good making objects 3-D. i should embrace my flat style. 
2) Blackhawks! (my favorite team). i made this for my boyfriend. it isn't finished yet. 
3) the first painting i made when my parents bought me an easel & supplies.
4) a painting i made today. i am thinking of adding 'call me, maybe' to it. that song is guilty pleasure plus i love the music video. 

not much of a post, but i like to share things like this.


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